Bracco Italiano Club

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From the Italian breed Standard


This dog of ancient Italian origin used for bird hunting has developed over the ages, from hunting by nets, to hunting with guns.  Frescoes from the 14th century are proof of the indisputable timelessness of the Italian Pointer over the centuries, regarding morphology and aptitudes in hunting as a pointer.


Of strong and harmonious construction, powerful appearance.  The preferred subjects are those with lean limbs, well developed muscles, well defined lines with a markedly sculptured head and a very obvious lower orbital chiselling, elements which all contribute to give distinction to this breed.


length of the body is the same or a little more than the height at the withers.  Length of head is equal to 4/10 of the height at the withers, its width, measured at the level of the zygomatic arches, is less than half its length.  Skull and muzzle are of equal length.


Tough and adapted to all types of hunting, reliable, endowed with an excellent ability to understand, docile and easy to train.

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