Bracco Italiano Club

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The Bracco Italian Club was formed at the Inaugural meeting on the 2nd June 2013. The 40 Founding Members gave this venture a firm basis to build upon and the belief that we could provide a place where those with a passion for the Bracco Italiano could join together in a friendly, supportive way.

The rules of the Club are written with this in mind -



The Bracco Italiano Club is dedicated to preserving and perpetuating the breed type, temperament and working ability of this ancient breed.



The Club’s aims and objectives shall be:

a) To strengthen members knowledge of the breed.

b) To support diversity of activities, to promote and maintain the working ability of the Bracco Italiano.

c) To unite those interested in the Breed into a friendly group.

d) To maintain the Breed as closely as possible to the country of origins Breed Standard.


The BIC was fomally recognised by the Kennel Club in 2017 and now nearly 5 years since our formation we have a firm membership base, an active and friendly Face Book page and the web site has received over 100,000 visits. Six editions of our newsletter have been published, our seminars, working and fun events have been well attended and successful. We welcome new members and hope you will join us for some more fun in 2018.