Bracco Italiano Club

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The BIC in no way recommends or endorses any litters that may be listed here and suggests that potential purchasers undertake thorough research before purchasing a pup. Reading this article may help a little in your research.  


            A Bracco Italiano Puppy



Members of the BIC may list planned litters which meet our Code of Ethics. Copies of up to date health checks of both parents must be received by the Secretary before listing. A nominal fee of £10.00 to list and only one listing per annum.


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Thinking of a Bracco puppy?


The club recommends you find out the following before committing to buying a puppy:


Is the breeder a member of one or both of the two breed clubs. Breed club members agree to abide by the clubs code of ethics some of which include good breeding practice; not breeding from dogs with health issues, under age or, too often etc.


Ask to see their older dogs, good breeders treasure and appreciate their oldies and keep them. They don’t pass them on once they have had their quota of litters or, sired the breeder a couple of litters and become surplus to requirement.


Find out if they breed a lot of litters, breeders usually have no more than 1 litter a year, alot of time and consideration goes into the selection of the sire, they don’t use the same sire on all of their bitches.

MyKC is a good source of information for the numbers of litters breeders produce.


Good breeders don’t sell puppies with lots of terms and conditions and expect money back from any puppies your dog may have in the future.


A good breeder will ALWAYS take your dog back at any age if for any you are unable to keep him/her

A good breeder will support you and your puppy for the whole of its life, offering advice on training and health etc.


If you want a puppy to work or show then ask the breeder for proof of any success in the show ring, or field, for their, or their dog lines, these can be a measure of the quality of a breeders stock.


Don’t just rush in and buy from the first litter you see advertised on sites like Pets4homes. Good breeders usually have a waiting list and don’t readily advertise, be prepared to wait for a puppy but above all do your researchmeet with, see and speak too as many people as you can to learn more about this ancient and noble working gundog breed.