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Membership is not just for people who show and/or work their Bracco – it is for all owners of Bracchi, for prospective owners and those who care about the breed.

Our aim is to protect the future of this ancient gundog and it’s working ability.  We need and appreciate your membership support of this aim. Not a member? Join us here.

Without breed clubs and their members this protection would not be possible. You may not have the time to be actively involved, but just by being a member of a club you are supporting the breed we all love. We hope  you will come and join us for some fun and maybe learn a little too.


Of strong and harmonious construction, powerful appearance. The preferred subjects are those with lean limbs, well developed muscles, well defined lines with a markedly sculpted head and a very obvious lower orbital chiselling.

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A hunt point retrieve gundog the Bracco Italiano is of an ancient and noble lineage, he is mentioned in writings of the 4th and 5th centuries.

The Bracco has been accepted as a distinct breed in Italy since the Middle Ages.

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The gait is a trot, long and brisk.

Brief periods of galloping are tolerated when re-crossing previously covered ground, at the beginning of the hunt or in cases where the dog encounters a new situation.

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