2022 Statement on Renal Amyloidosis In the Bracco Italiano:

Amanda Inman, DVM

2022 Statement on Renal Amyloidosis in the Bracco Italiano from: 

Amanda Inman, DVM (USA)
the Bracco Italiano Club (UK)
the Bracco Italiano Health and Education Advisory Group (UK)
Supporting Breed Organization:
The Bracco Italiano Club of America (USA)

Bracco Italiano experts in the UK are working to develop unified information and recommendations regarding kidney disease in the Bracco Italiano. Health representatives from the Bracco Italiano Club and the Bracco Italiano Health and Education Advisory Group collaborated with Dr. Amanda Inman (veterinarian, researcher) to create this statement for their members. Seeing the need for this information outside the United Kingdom, it has been shared and supported by breed organizations internationally.

The Bracco Italiano is at increased risk of developing renal (kidney) amyloidosis. This disease occurs when abnormal proteins are deposited in the kidney. It is suspected that an underlying inflammatory condition exists in the Bracco that predisposes to developing amyloidosis. Bracchi of any age can be affected, but it is diagnosed more frequently in younger dogs. 

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Handouts will be available at our Open Show at Bath this weekend.

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