BIC Working Test Results

Bracco Italiano Club- 2018 Gundog Working Test Results

To the Balcombe Estate for the Bracco Italiano Club Gundog Working Test.

With a total of 85 dogs entered…… of which 18 were Bracchi…….it was a great entry for the breed and the Club.

Emma Carter took the puppy class with her Bracco, Withamfriary Dorothea and Sue and Alan Parr’s Bonario Fagiana was awarded fourth in puppy. Emma also took the Novice win with her GSP Warrendown Megs Angel.

Bonario Chateliane handled by Alan Parr was awarded 4th and Madreliath Escavatore handled by M Ansell was awarded a 6th place COM in a closely contended open class, out of 23 runners, there were only 2 points between 6th and 1st place and the top 3 dogs had a run off to select the awards, Steve Pudney with his GSP Stairfoot Skye emerging as the open winner.

Ross Stoneman and his Bracco Gunsyn Huracan achieved the highest hunting score of the novice class, as did Kim Parris, with Bonario Firefly in the puppy class scoring the only 25/25 on hunting. The Special Bracco class was won by Nicola Maddox and Owlspoint Queen of Trouble.

Novice Dog Novice Handler was taken by David Remedy Smith and his GSP Sh Ch Winterwell Fowl Play.

Congratulations to all those in the Awards!

A great day and well done to Sue Parr and the Bracco Italiano Club on a well attended, well organised event, with a great entry of Bracchi, some of who we hope to see more of in future competitions and trials….

Bracco Italiano Club Working Test 2017


  1. Keigame Monochrome GSP – Ian Bester
  2. Rebelritsi Beruit HV – Hannah Spearman
  3. Dorro Vom Pfaffenbuck LM  – Fiona Smith
  4. Warrendown Megs Angel GSP  – Emma Carter
  5. Nevilldown Dare to Dream GSP – Emma Fisk
  6. Ismeya Farkas at Zsakamay HV – Simon Scott

Novice Dog Novice Handler

  1. Herlinga Hereswithe HWV – Jo Willet
  2.  Rotherfalke Gonc HWV – Jason Cheeseman
  3. Sh Ch Jolicoem Apache Tear Jw ShCM GSP – Linda Walker
  4. Hawkswood Siricco LM – Tania O’Dowd
  5. Gunsyn Piselli at Kelbenic BI – Gill Gayler
  6. Gunsyn Estoque at Kelbenic BI – Gill Gayler


  1. Dorro Vom Pfaffenbuck LM – Fiona Smith
  2. Ismeya Farkas at Zsakamay HV – Simon Smith
  3. Rebelritsi Aurora HV – Hannah Spearman
  4. Karouki Windflower HV – Suzanna Mills
  5. Germanus Guns n Roses GWP – Alice White
  6. Naughty Boris vom Weimland SRHP – Mark Dando
  7. COM Ragnolds Adur HWV – Terry Ley


  1. Baks Dido Slovakia SRHP – Lissa Fynne
  2. Bonario Chatelaine BI – Alan Parr
  3. Stairfoot Skye GSP – Steve Pudney
  4. Monty’s Magi GSP – Bob Turnbull
  5. Sanjon Bertramo GSP – Tracey Browning
  6. Bonario Damascus BI – Sue Parr
  7. COM Deepthatch Pippa GSP – Dave Burden
  8. COM Warrendown Flash of Atilla GSP – Emma Carter
  9. COM Arbourtrees Elm View GSP – Claire Hardcastle

Bracco Class

  1. Gunsyn Huracan – Ross Stoneman
  2. Shadowside Destino – Mike Rodger
  3. Enrico Venator D’Ursus – Nicola Cornell
  4. Titantails White London  – Lydia England
  5. Mantello Di Montericco – Tracey Fisher
  6. Luca – Fiona

Bracco Italiano Club GWT 2016

Bracco class

  1. Gill Gayler – Gunsynn Estoque at Kelbenic
  2. Nicola Cornell – Enrico Ventnor D’Ursus
  3. Lydia England -Titan tails White Russian
  4. Rik Turney – Braccibrook Leading Lady
  5. Caroline Phelan – Marco
  6. Fiona Richardson – Luca
  7. COM Pete Parris – Bonario Elsha


  1. Simon Johnston – Gilescroft Skyfall GSP
  2. Zoldmali Hope of Zoltarous HWHV
  3. Suzanna Mill – Karrouki Windfire HV
  4. Holly Hirst – Lanka Jakob HWHV
  5. Judith Bodmer -Tarkanya Bonnie Butterfly LM
  6. Julie Edwards – Gemma Holiday Isle GSP

Novice dog /Handler

  1. Ross Cowling – Harrigoss Iron Lady HWHV
  2. Jo Willett – Her linga Hereswithe HWHV
  3. Gill Gayler -Gunsynn Piselli at Kelbenic BI
  4. Vanessa Pingault – Taftazi Anita Package GSP
  5. Lynne Watkins -Starshot Kaelen with Szikras HWHV


  1. Chrissie Sterritt – Belfegorus Deya Royal Win for Cheyenn Wei
  2. Sue Parr – Bonario Damascus BI
  3. Lindsey Wells – Katelands Cathedral Ale GSP
  4. Andy Cook -Adhemars Dundreggan Over Milcook
  5. James Reavil – Rebelritsi Aurora HV
  6. Bill Austin – Chazemaund You’re my Girl GSP
  7. COM Josh Carter – Witham friary Diesel


  1. Lissa Fynn – Baks Dido Slovakia SRHP
  2. Suzi Burton – Trubon Grafyte Treve Wie
  3. Dave Burden – Deepthatch Pippa GSP
  4. Harry Halfpenny – Pruso Gunner B Blue GSP
  5. Emma Carter – Warren down Little Meggy May GSP
  6. Tracy Browning – Santon Bertramo GSP
  7. Josh Carter – Warrendown Angel GSP
  8. COM Emma Carter – Warren down Flash of Atoll GSP

Bracco Italiano Club Working Test 2013

Bracco class

  1. Gunsyn Piselli at Klebenic
  2. Bonario Cachet
  3. Shadowside Bellisima Vita Via Varvici
  4. Ravenspoint Everso Umble
  5. Bonario Denarius


  1. Madilor Moth  (HWV)
  2. Ignaheims Bolt (Wei)
  3. Artlan Wilson (GSP)
  4. Damson Rocket (HWV)
  5. Barleyarch Tigernut at Graygees (GSP)

Novice Dog/Novice Handler

  1. Zucci (GSP)
  2. Trubon Etzeluger Treig (Wei)
  3. Questor Jade (GLP)
  4. Wintertop Anzac (GSP)
  5. Tarkanyas Bellas Baby (LM)


  1. Sasfrids Solros (GSP)
  2. Pitwit Gypsy (GSP)
  3. Rotherfalke Ostoros (HV)
  4. Flashy Patches (GSP)
  5. Dash (SRP)


  1. Blythbeck Elixir (GSP)
  2. Trubon Delta Truffe (Wei)
  3. Warrendown Flash of Atila (GSP)
  4. Bonario Chatelaine (BI)
  5. Fechlindrean Grigio (KG)