BIC Show Results

Limit Show Overseal September 2019

Judge Geoff Hargreaves

The club held their second limit show of the year at Overseal in Derbyshire. A well attended and another friendly show . Our judge for the day was Geoff Hargreaves and the results were as follows:

Best in Show and Best Veteran, Bell’s Millpoint Double At OwlspointShCM.

Reserve Best in Show Harrison’s Owlspoint Angel of Trouble

Best Puppy in Show Bell & Maddox’s Tolriver Enzo At Owlspoint.


Judge Jean Byrne  (Enryb)

BEST IN SHOW and BEST VETERAN IN SHOW – Mr & Mrs Turney’s Braccanza Fabrizio

RESERVE BEST IN SHOW – Mrs A Bartholomew’s Owlspoint Trouble Shooter for Bartholeys

BEST PUPPY IN SHOW and RBIS – Mrs M Critchley’s Braccorions Never Say Never

BEST BITCH Mr and Mrs Parr’s Bonario Fagiana


Judge Miss Jean Lanning (Clausentum)

A great honour to judge the ‘first’ Bracco italiano Club Show in the U.K.   A Members Limited Show, C.C. winners not eligible, but some good examples were presented.  An ancient Italian working gundog that also gives a very good account in the field here. Obviously has links with the Pointer, but it’s very characteristic head marks it out, with a ‘stamp’ all  its own!! I could not wonder that this very tractable and handsome Breed, will catch on with the Public? Not something that the fanciers here, would really, welcome and be excited about?  One could have said that about the early breeders of Labradors and Golden Retrievers!!.    Now Britain’s most favourite breeds.  best friend, great gamily pets, Guide Dogs, hearing dogs etc. etc.

Puppy Dog  4,  2 abs

First – Sellwood’s Jack di Montericco BPD – Well up to size.  Strong bone, good feet.  Powerful on the move, needs to firm in front                  

Second – J & A Frost’s Dexter of Bushwacker = Lovely quality, not so forward, can turn the tables.  Just needs time.  

Post Grad Dog 5, 1 abs

First – Ansell & Wain’s Madreliath Escavatore – Built on fine lines, but good quality. Excellent legs and feet. Good well set clean eyes

Second – Furedi’s Echo Venator D’Ur – Has more substance, good bone, good feet, little plain in head.    

Third – Fisher’s Mantello di Montericco

Fourth – Selwood’s Leone di Montericco

Limit Dog   2, 1abs

First – Furedi’s Echo Venator D’Ursus

Open Dog   1

First –  Titchmarsh’s Mashefold Pioppo – Stands four square, with correct length of body.  Pleasing head and eye. Excellent correct skin.  Represents the breed well.   BD RBIS

Special Working Dog    3 – These working dogs came into their own for make shape and soundness.  

First – Parris’ Bonario Denarius – Typical, showed how to move, with strong quarters, pleasing head and eye. BW RBD.    

Second – Ansell & Wain’s Madreliath Escavatore

Third – Parr’s Bonario Damascus        

Puppy Bitch   3

First – J & A Frost’s Dora of Bushwacker – Lovely quality, good bone, feet and substance for age, clean eyes. Promising  BPB BPIS

Second – Parris’ Bonario Firefly – Needs time. Little hand shy, forgivable in one so young.  

Third – Parr’s Bonario Fagiana

Junior Bitch   3

First – Maddox & Bell’s Owlspoint Queen of trouble – Fills the eye with her great quality. Well balanced stands four square. Excellent strong quarters, really covered the ground on the move.  One of the best heads of the day,with good clean eye.  One for the future.   BB BOB

Second – Titchmarsh’s Valcor Princess of Alderone

Post Graduate Bitch   3

First – Powell’s Madreliath Omaggio – So feminine, good legs and feet, pleasing clear eye.  

Second – Gayler’s Gunsyn Estoque at Kelbenic – Good eye, pleasing head.  Rather upright shoulder, spoilt her front action..  

Third – Parris’ Bonario Elsha

Limit Bitch   2 1abs

First – Critchley’s Sazmallin Dolly Wagon Pike

Open Bitch   1

First – Maddox & Bell’s Owlspoint Birs Venator D’Ursus – Good brisket, square, strong mover. All quality.

Veteran Bitch  2 1abs

First – Powell’s Bonario Burlesque – High class, carries her years like a youngster.  Strong quarters, stands square, moves soundly with drive. BVIS RBB

Special Working Bitch   1

First – Parr’s Bonario Chatelaine – Another built right moves right.  Good brisket excellent legs and feet, good eye.

  • BIS Maddox & Bell’s Owlspoint Queen of Trouble
  • RBIS Titchmarsh’s Mashefolds Pioppo
  • BPIS J & A Frost’s Dora of Bushwacker
  • RBPIS Sellwood’s Jack di Montericco
  • BVIS Powell’s Bonario Burlesqu
  • BW Parris’ Bonario Denarius