Bracco Italiano Club GWT

Results of the Bracco Italiano Club Gundog Working Test.

Many congratulations to all the winners and those in the awards and to top Bracco Italiano of the day Kiska, Sazmallin Swansong at Sark, and Tricia Empson who managed joint first in points with the open winning dog but who missed out and were placed second based on a one point lower score in the other test.

Good to see three open BI today, as well as Kiska, Dozer, Vittum Nebbiolo and Senza, Bonario Fagiana.

We also saw two new BI puppies out, Atos (IMP ITA)and Bettina (IMP ITA). Ones to watch for the future.

Thank you to all our judges, helpers and committee, especially Sue and Alan Parr for the day.

1st Nemzet Kincse Gloria at Karrouki, Suzanna Mills, HV
2nd Sazmallin Swansong at Sark Tricia Empson, BI
3rd Bareve Buffelsberg, James Ayling, GWP,
4th Canalgame Jozef, Rita Dockwray, HWV
5th Bareve Best Foot Forward, Emma Carter, GWP

1st Seasham Diamonds and Pearls, Helen Bradley, GSP
2nd Zarozinia Phoenix Rising Over Jolicoem, Linda Walker, GSP
3rd Achouffe Fentons Fable, Fiona Bailey, SRP
4th Blythehill Bottleman, Jan Carter, GSP
5th, Wyrcin Wenlic Draefend, Gary Vallins LM

Novice Dog Novice Handler
1st SolwayPoint Georgia at Mannlicher Karen Joy, GSP
2nd Darwin Gardua, Monika Kubikova, HV
3rd Sheepcothill Lilo, Clare Anstee, HV
4th Gannowfell Oak, Milla Yendell, HWV
5th, Caldera Couer De Neige, Tamara Byrne, GLP

1st, Grauerjager Hera, Shaun Hills, WEI
2nd, Warrendown Dream on Meg, GSP
3rd, Grauerjager Morpheus, Angela Chapman, WEI

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