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The Bracco Italiano has received some great coverage courtesy of The Gundog Journal these last few months.

In the GUNDOG JOURNAL Volume IV • Issue III, there is the following article which is being published with our thanks to the Editor Will Hetherington and also Patrice Fellowes who interviewed Giuseppe Colombo Manfroni, someone who truly understands our breed as a working competitor, showing handler and Italian breeder. Read the full article here.

Again courtesy of the GUNDOG JOURNAL in Volume IV • Issue IV, Michelle Ansell was feautred in ‘Braccos in the field’, with images from Robin Wain Photography. The article talked about the trials and tribulations, challenges and success of learning the trade with a Bracco Italiano by her side.

How lovely to have A Bracco Italiano this time Dozer, Vittum Nebbiolo and Michelle Ansells first proper day out on a Grouse Training Day captured by Thank you to Malin Hewins, The German Wirehaired Pointer Club (United Kingdom) FT Secretary for the opportunity, the Gamekeeper and Guns for a great day.

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