Cementing the Basics

How to Train Your Bracco: Cementing the Basics

Cementing the Basics

So are you ready to move on?

Good question…..Before we move on to more, sometimes seemingly more exciting training activities; hunting, retrieving, pointing etc, we do want to stop and encourage you to cement the basics.  Or, if you feel you have done this already, remind you that going back to basics is something that is extremely important with your ongoing training.

You might often hear in  the HPR Gundog world ‘They are never fully trained’ and ‘you don’t walk a gundog, it is an opportunity for training’, which are both very true, even if you want a well behaved pet who is a joy to be around and you can take with you anywhere, returning to the basics is a necessity.

So often you will hear of a dog and trainer moving on to a more difficult or challenging part of their training and the wheels fall off.  This is because you have probably gone too far, or too fast and this is why we must go back to move forwards, or to remind the dog of what was once learned, so please do not worry if you have nailed a certain element to your training, only to have to go back to it at a later date.

If we are ready….. Then let’s move on to The retrieve an introduction’

Good luck and happy training.

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