Coat Colours in the Bracco Italiano

Breeding Away From Fawn and Tan Markings

To continue to protect the future of this ancient gundog and breed, the club is committed to developing and supporting research, science and data which will help us to continue to learn, educate and advise. We started the Coat Colour research, with an aim to give breeders the knowledge to breed away from Fawn and Tan Markings a few years ago now, back in 2019. The delay in the publication of this presentation has been down to us being able to get enough and enough complete DNA samples of Fawn, Tricolour and Tan Point subjects, in addition of course to a wide range of Chestnut and Orange subjects to create the required research for the Laboklin team.

The Club would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who agreed to take part in the study, we have had samples from a wide variety of dogs, pedigrees and from international as well as UK owners. Without you all this would not have been possible.

We also want to thank Dr Mansour and his team at Laboklin for their time and production of this report.We hope that you find the information within the report useful. You can view the presentation by clicking on the links below.