Committee members wanted

The Bracco Italiano Club Committee are a group of friendly, fun (some perhaps a bit mad, :-), we will mention no names) but they all have one thing in common;

they are extremely passionate about the Bracco Italiano breed. We volunteer our time to administer the club and bring news and events that we hope will help educate, inform, train and bring people and Bracchi together, all to safeguard and improve this beautiful, historic breed.

From time to time positions become available on the committee and we would like to hear from those of our members and Bracco owners who feel they would like to do a little more to support us.

We don’t ask for much, a few skype and face to face meetings a year, your input, energy and enthusiasm and help with some of our events and commitments.

Would you be interested? Please contact our Acting Secretary Nicola Maddox at with any questions or to offer your support.

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