GWT Entry and Schedule

Entry and Schedule for the Gundog Working Test and also order form for the Braccbash.

We hope you are well and that you will be able to join us for our Annual Gundog Working Test, or our Braccbash.

The Entry and Schedule are attached below. 

We have a Novice Dog, Novice Handler class and this is very much for anyone new to the sport, or who wants to build up their confidence, get some advice and training, or to just have a go. 

This year we have another Open level Bracco Italiano in Vittum Nebbiolo, and once again a great display from Alan Parr and Senza, Bonario Fagiana in the HPR International just goes to show that with a bit of effort and consistent training, these dogs are up there with the rest of the best.

We also have our Braccbash for anyone who would like to join us for the weekend, there is camping available, BBQ, a Country Sports Day and Fun Day for anyone who would be interested this will be from Friday 25th to Monday 28th August 2023, to reserve a space or come along, please email Sue Parr:

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