HPR Training Day – Midlands

The Club are delighted to confirm the following opportunity

This event has unfortunately been postponed due to loss of the ground on the proposed dates. Please keep an eye out for further updated information to follow with new dates.

Day one will be for beginner to novice dogs and handlers.   You are not expected to be experienced in the handling of your HPR as this day is about learning and understanding what your dog is potentially capable of and what you as a handler can achieve.   Ideally you will have got the basics in place for obedience but help with this can also be discussed if needs be.

This is aimed to give you an understanding of hunting with your dog, working the wind, quartering and pointing. Retrieving with your dog, understanding the basics of a seen retrieve, blind retrieve and directional control for retrieving.

Day two will be aimed at novice to more advanced dog and handler with the emphasis being more towards hunting, pointing, retrieving etc so moving your training forward from novice level to the next stages. Understanding what your dog is doing whilst hunting, reading your dog, reading the wind, understanding the head, cheek and back winds and how the dog hunts in these conditions.

Retrieving with your dog, seen and blind retrieves at further distance, multiple retrieves, direction control for blind retrieves etc.

The day will be very informal and is not a test of handler or dogs’ ability. This is an opportunity to come along, meet other dogs and handlers and learn more about the working of the HPR breeds.

Both days will be a 9am’ish meet for a 10am start. A breakfast cob will be provided to start the day and we will break for an hour lunch and finishing around 4pm.

Please bring your lunch and drinks along with whatever you need for your dog.

Please bring your training aids/dummies for use, ideally mark them with your name.

The day is one handler-one dog.

Cost for the day is £25 for BIC members, £35 for non- BIC members.

To register and book a place or for further information please contact Ross Stoneman at, ross@rs-electricalservices.co.uk

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