Natural Ability Test Details and Entry Form

Please find attached the details and entry form for the Natural Ability Test and Entry Form which will be held on Sunday 25th August 2019 . All abilities of dogs are welcome, this is not a competition, or competitive environment, each dog will be assessed on it’s own merits. The dogs will be assessed by A-Panel Judge Stevie Allerton, who is also very knowledgeable and sympathetic of the Bracco Italiano breed. Your will have the opportunity to be assessed in the following areas:

1                     BIDDABILITY – the dog works in partnership with the handler during the assessment the assessor will be looking at the dogs temperament and whether it works with and listens to the handler

2                     HUNTING – the dog should show a desire to work away from the handler, but remain responsive to the handler.  Pace and style should be assessed against conditions, the breed and experience of dog and handler 

3                     POINTING – the dog should be given the opportunity to point game (caged).  Finding the game with little or no acknowledgement cannot be passed.  Calmly move dog on after the assessment away from the game. And then let it hunt on to retrieving assessor.

4                     GUN SHYNESS – when the dog is about 25 m away from the gun carrying assessor, a shot is fired and the dogs reaction noted.

5                     RETRIEVE – the dog should be called back to heel and sat by handler.  The dog’s attention is caught by the gun carrying assessor, who throws the article clearly in view of the dog for the retrieve.  The dog does not have to be steady to the throw or fall of the retrieve.

6                     WATER – assessing dogs ability to willingly enter water, swim and make a simple retrieve.  Any article may be used.  It should be high in the water so the dog can locate it easily.  Entry should be gently sloping and clear of debris.  The retrieve should be no more than 10m from the point the dog has to start swimming, but far enough for good observation of competence. Dropping the retrieve is not desirable but will not penalised.

7                     TRACKING – assessing the ability to follow a ground scent. The track should be between 50 and 100 paces long depending on the ground used, the longer the vegetation the shorter the track.  The track should be straight with a single change of direction about 2/3 distance.  It should run with the wind to prevent the dog air scenting the track ahead or the find at the end.

If you have any questions, or need any further assistance, please contact our Working Secretary Alan Parr on

Please email your completed form to, you can pay by BACS reference NAT and your name. BRACCO ITALIANO CLUB. 202990 73412318

This is always a great day out where you can enjoy being with your dog and see what they were bred to do and are naturally so capable of.

If you can, please do join us and we look forward to seeing you there.