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Due to the increase in popularity of this beautiful breed we are seeing a sharp increase in the number of dogs being imported from other countries and the number of UK bred litters. This brings a greater choice for potential owners of Bracchi, making it easier to choose a sire or puppy from healthy carefully bred stock.

Our Club’s Code of Ethics states that no dog or bitch should be bred from under two years old, this means the parents have reached maturity and are able to cope with the stress of reproduction. Also should there unfortunately be an inherited health problem, in either parent; there is a greater chance of it being diagnosed than at a younger age. We also recommend only buying puppies from litters whose parents have lower than average health scores for the breed. The date of birth of all puppies bred here and all imports to the UK are available for everyone on the ‘My KC’ part of the Kennel Club’s website, along with all the health tests they have recorded for both the sire and the dam.

To facilitate an informed choice we have created a ‘database’ of every Bracco in UK history either imported or bred here. This database includes a 5 generation pedigree for each dog, all the heath tests recorded, the date of birth of dogs and their offspring and all litters registered against that dog/bitch. We have also included our guide to purchasing your new puppy and the things to look out for when you do. This mammoth task has taken many months of painstaking research, correlating all information into one format, in one place.

The first page, ‘UK Imports’ is a table for the imported dogs that have been registered with the Kennel Club. These are listed for ease of reference in age order of the dogs. Against each dog is its date of birth, its recorded health test results, any litters that dog has produced, to whom and when.

The second larger page, ‘UK Pedigrees’ is all the KC registered litters recorded. These again are listed by litter date of birth, showing the affix the litter was registered to, the number of litters that have been registered against the affix, the date of birth of the litter, the puppies details, any health tests that puppy has had and any litters that puppy has had, to whom and when.

With both sections, please click on the highlighted parts to open a 5 generation pedigree. The UK litters are marked if the breeder is a member of the BIC. PLEASE NOTE: There are highly respected breeders here in the UK who are not members of our Club, our members are indicated for your information and assurance that all members are required to adhere to our COE.

We suggest all potential purchasers of Bracchi undertake thorough research of not only the breed characteristics but the breeding behind a litter before purchasing a puppy. Puppy Guide

Clicking on the highlighted text will take you to the relevant page.

The huge task of collating all the information contained in these pages will inevitably mean there are the occasional errors and omissions. Should you have any queries or additional information please forward to Nicola Maddox – Proof of health test results may be required.

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