Pointing and Flushing Training Days

Entry for 16th March and 23rd March 2024

Details and Entry for a Pointing and Flushing Training Day in Kenilworth with Lee Loveridge – All levels.

Two spaces are available due to a couple of cancellations this weekend.

An opportunity to build on your relationship with your dog, understand more about ground coverage, wind and we hope to get opportunities for you and your dog pointing and flushing game.

£40 for members. £50 non members.

Limited to 6 Dogs.

One dog, one handler.

No Bitches in Season.

Priority will be given to Members with Bracco Italiano

Members with other HPR breeds.

Non-Members with Bracco Italiano

Non-Members with other HPR breeds.

Please email: admin@braccoitalianoclub.co.uk

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