Probably the most popular competitive sport of pedigree dog owners is the dog show. Each exhibit is compared to it’s breed standard and the judge looks for the dog which most closely fits the desired conformation and characteristics. There are four levels of dog show – Companion, Limit, Open and Championship. Listed below are some useful links and current dates for up and coming shows:

Southern Counties Championship Show 26th June 2021

Judge – Nicola Spencer

East of England Championship Show 10th July 2021

Judge – David Smith

Leeds Championship Show 24th July 2021

Judge – Richard Morris (CC’s)

Bath Championship Show 31st July 2021

Judge – Mick Howes (CC’s)

National Gundog 1st August 2021

Judge – Geoff Hargreaves (CC’s)

Paignton Championship Show 7th August 2021

Judge – Karen Goode

Bournemouth Championship Show 14th August 2021

Judge – Emma Towns

Blackpool Championship Show 21st August 2021

Judge – Kathy Moores

​​Driffield Championship Show 27th August 2021

Judge – Seonaid McAndrew

Richmond Championship Show 11th September 2021

Judge – Jane Eyeington

Darlington Championship Show 18th September 2021

Judge – Tom Mather (CC’s)

National Dog Show 23rd September 2021

Judge – Jenny Miller (CC’s)

Bracco Italiano Society Championship Show (2020 show) 23rd September 2021

Judge – Keeley Newman-Jones (CC’s)

Scottish Kennel Club Double Championship Show 3rd October 2021​

Border Union Championship Show 4th October 2021

Judge – Irene McManus

Gundog Society Of Wales 13th October 2021

Judge  – Andy Scourfield

Belfast Championship Show 24th October 2021

Judge – David Shields ​

Bracco Italiano Society Championship Show (2021) 28th November 2021

Judge – Becky Johnson (CC’s)

Gundog Breeds Association of Scotland Championship Show 13th November 2021

Ladies Kennel Association 11th December 2021

Judge – Mrs Doreen Hardie (CC’s)