Tri-Dog – Triathlon for Dogs (and owners)

Jackie Carr-Jones is up again with Team Brac Pac, we think the first Bracco Italiano team for the Tri-Dog, a triathlon competition for dogs, which incorporates, swimming, bikejor. dog scottering and canicross. The team which included, Jackie and Siena (bikejor), Raymond Lewis and Daisy (Swimming) and Rebecca Grant with Gus were placed 5th on day two.

Rebecca and Gus also managed an individual placing third in the individual canicross race.

Massive congratulations and well done to all human and bracchi competitors.

Photo courtesy of Jackie Carr Jones Facebook timeline.

Bikejor Bronze Award

Jackie Carr-Jones and Siena on their way to winning bronze last weekend at at the Checkendon Challenge in Bikejor. A great result especially as they had a tangle and lost vital seconds and second place.

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