Pointing and Flushing Training Days

Entry for 16th and 23rd March

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HPR Training Opportunity

Entry for HPR Training on the 11th May 2024

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HPR Training Opportunity

Entry for HPR Training on the 4th June 2023 in Skipton

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HPR Training Day

The club are delighted to offer the following HPR opportunities, to be held on the 22nd April 2023 based in Shropshire, not far from Ludlow, with HPR ‘A’ panel judge, trainer and successful field trialer Lee Loveridge.

We will arrange two sessions, one in the A.M. 9am to 12:30, for beginner to novice dogs and handlers. You are not expected to be experienced in the handling of your HPR as this day is about learning and understanding what your dog is potentially capable of and what you as a handler can achieve.

Ideally you will have the basics in place for obedience but help with this can also be discussed if needs be.

This is aimed to give you an understanding of hunting with your dog, whistle commands and retrieving, we may also do some water if we get time.

The afternoon P.M. 1pm to 4.30pm session will be aimed at novice to more advanced dog and handler, although those who attend the morning are more than welcome to continue with an afternoon session.

The emphasis will be to further develop your skills and understanding on hunting, whistle, quartering and retrieving, also with some water if we get time.

The day will be very informal and is not a test of handler or dogs’ ability. This is an opportunity to come along, meet other dogs and handlers and learn more about the working of the HPR breeds.

Please bring your lunch and drinks along with whatever you need for your dog.

Please bring your training aids/dummies for use, ideally mark them with your name.

Each session is one handler-one dog. With a maximum of six handlers per group.

Cost for each session is £35 for BIC members, £45 for non- BIC members.

To register and book a place or for further information please complete this form here. 

Members will take priority.

No bitches in season

HPR Training Opportunity

Entry for HPR Training on the 22nd and 23rd April 2023

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Starting Out Steadiness to Dummies

How to Train Your Bracco: Starting Out Steadiness to Dummies

Early exercises to start to build steadiness to dummies in a Bracco Italiano HPR.

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Building on Sit Stay Video

How to Train Your Bracco: Building on Sit Stay

Early exercises to start to build up sit stay in a young Bracco Italiano HPR.

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Heelwork – Howard Kirby

How to Train Your Bracco: Heel Work

Over the last few Sundays I’ve made it my business to take a note pad and pencil and quietly make my way around our Mullenscote Gundog classes. We have been running and teaching this particular type of six week Gundog course for a little over twenty years now. Fundamentally we’re running the same courses as the ones we started in the late nineties. Puppy, Foundation, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Plantinum means there are six levels each with their own progressive aims and objectives, which, much like the course names haven’t changed.

The fully trained dog that we produced in the nineties offered pretty much the same behaviours as it’s current descendants and is therefore pretty much the same dog??? I’ve deliberately made that last sentence into a question. What are your thoughts??? Most of you are probably not old enough to have been training dogs that long ago, but even if you weren’t, you might like to think about the ideals, methods and techniques that were used to produce Gundogs. Take my word for it, things have changed, significantly.

Although I’ve digressed a bit I’m hoping that as I get back to my opening paragraph that all will make sense….Armed with notepad and pencil I was observing and doing what we call ‘off-steading!’ By taking the time to watch the classes, my aim is to run a non biased eye over the way that we deliver our courses. Classroom choice, teaching styles, techniques, quality of the teaching and a general overview of how we are doing. Almost always, I enjoy this exercise, it’s a great opportunity for me to observe the fantastic team of teachers that make up the team here at Mullenscote. Teaching, really is an art, watching other teachers can be so informative.


To cut a long story short I came away thinking, …..’ we need to review the way we teach Heelwork.’ Heelwork has of course been successfully taught to dogs and handler’s for generations. As behaviours go, teaching a dog to consistently walk to heel and not pull on a lead is something that owners really struggle with and would be listed as a significant behaviour problem on many dog owners lists.

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