3rd in Puppy GWT

Bonario Galate achieved a 3rd in the Puppy GWT held earlier this month…

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Gundog Working Tests

So, you’ve decided to have a go at working your Bracco?

That’s great news and there are several options open to you, on a shoot, field trials, working tests, falconry or tracking.

What I would say is that whatever you choose to do, good solid training and a dog that is under control is the key especially if you want to take your dog on a shoot, the last thing we want is people remembering the Bracco for the wrong reason as sadly its always the bad ones that get talked about.

This is the first in a series of articles about working you dog and as the working test season is just around the corner that seemed a good starting point.

Working Tests – Are what we do in the summer, they are competitions designed to test your dog and where you are with your training, they are a fun day out with your dog and like minded people. Most HPR breed clubs and gundog societies run working tests. They usually consist of at least 3 classes, puppy for dogs between 6 and 18 month, Novice for dogs that have never won a novice class and open for dogs that have won out of novice. Some societies put on special classes, special beginners, novice dog/ novice handler, graduate and veteran. Schedules are available via the club secretaries and will usually be advertised on the internet on HPRFTINFO or facebook HPR pages.

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