The gait is a trot, long and brisk.

Brief periods of galloping are tolerated when re-crossing previously covered ground, at the beginning of the hunt or in cases where the dog encounters a new situation.

Above all, the rule when working scent is the trot this is a lively movement that covers the ground well.

The dog during the hunt should quarter at distances of 100 metres or more from the handler and the spacing of its cast should reflect the terrain, wind and scenting conditions. These actions confirm that the dog is hunting correctly.

It is evident that in the Bracco Italiano (as with the other trotters) the preoccupation with the scent is of prime importance. Unlike the lightening reaction of the great gallopers the Italian Bracchi treat the process as a complex mental action, this is easily read in his expression, which is one of thought. The hunt is extremely diligent and enjoyed by the dog with its tail carried horizontally or slightly higher, constantly moving rhythmically from side to side as the dog moves (not rapidly as with the spaniel). READ MORE

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