HPR Working Test Results

The Bank holiday weekend once again saw a great turnout for the Bracco Italiano Club weekend, which included the HPR Gundog Working Test.

The club were delighted to have be able to present the beautiful ‘Escavatore Trophy’, donated for the Open Gundog Working Test by Michelle Ansell, in honour of Digger, Madreliath Escavatore being the first Bracco Italiano to secure the Open win in 2019.

The results of the Bracco Italiano Club (UK) Gundog Working Test are as follows, we would like to thank all of our judges and helpers and congratulations  to all the winners and those in the Awards.

Open and the winner of The Escavatore Trophy:

1st Belforgus Deya Royalwin For Cheyenn – WEI Chrissie Sterritt

2nd – Warrendown Genesis – GSP Andrew Farley

3rd – Dorro vom Pfaffenbuck (imp Deu)-LM Gary Vallans

4th – Pioro Z Cudownego Lasu (Imp Pol)- GSP Emma Carter

5th – Bareve Buffelsberg – GWP James Ayling

6th – Madreliath Escavatore -BI Michelle Ansell


1st – Aytee Maverick GSP Grant SIlvester

2nd – Typhoon Last Boy GSP David Short

3rd – Wyrcan Wenlie Draefend LM Gary Vallans

4th – Stormdancer Felicity WEI Shaun Hills

5th – Riffmuir Arriane GSP Alistair Learmonth

6th – Rokko vom Blorbach (Imp DEU) LM Jackie Lane 


1st – Nevilledown Quacktacular GSP Emma Carter

2nd – Cazooska Special Legacy LM Caz Trowsdale

3rd – Anivellen Poziomka With Rebelritsi (Imp Pol) Hannah Spearman

4th – Mestervadasz Extra HWHV Claire Jones

5th – Arbourtrees Osier GSP Claire Chapman

6th – Cornbrash Teal GSP Jane Thompson


1st – Nemzer Kincae Orion HV Attila Dorogi

2nd – Czooska Lilys Gin Sparkle LM Amanda Walker

3rd – Starshot Frontie HWHV Dave Bevan

4th – Afterglow Daddy Cool IS Jane Cayford

5th – Cheyenne Nandita Ayasha WEI Dee Fletcher

6th – Dancing Dasher  HWHV Tina Woodley Roberts

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