The Game Fair – Hatfield House

The Bracco Italiano Club were invited to exhibit and represent the breed in the Sporting Gundog Pavilion by The Game Fair, this year held at Hatfield House in Hertfordshire.

Luckily the heat of Thursday did not stay around for the weekend, it was much cooler and better for dogs and owners, although it did get rather wet on occasion.

We met a good number of prospective and existing owners, keen to learn more about the Bracco Italiano and for some, an opportunity to gather some much needed advice on the breed or, training. One question almost everyone asked ‘do they work?’ and ‘what are they like working?’.

Another highlight for the breed was Sue Parr’s Guido, (Bonario Damascus), who was taken aside by The Game Fair publisher Tweed for a professional photo shoot. The images were posted across The Game Fair’s social media marketing . Here is one of the photo’s courtesy of The Game Fair social feed.

The stand was well supported by some of the committee, as well as some of our members. A big thank you to all; Sue and Alan, Ric and Claire, Jackie and David, Jason and Amanda, Nicola D, Michelle and Robin. This support is critical to continue to raise awareness and education on this fabulous working gundog and HPR.

It was lovely to meet so many of you and thank you again for visiting us all.

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