Open show results

OPEN SHOW – Judge Hilary Male

Best in Show – Gunsyn Ginspiration

Reserve Best In Show – Bushwacker Don Juan

Best Opposite Sex – Owlspoint Faith in Trouble

Best Puppy – Bushwacker Don Juan

Best Veteran – Sh Ch Owlspoint Master of Trouble ShCMShCEx VW


Veteran Dog or Bitch

1st Sh Ch Owlspoint Master of Trouble ShCM ShCEx VW

2nd Grafskoe Gnezdo Arlo (Imp)

3rd Bushwacker Pieta

Res Sh Ch Owlspoint Trouble at Mill ShCM ShCex VW BWNL’18

VHC Mantello Di Montericco (Imp Ita)


Special Working Dog or Bitch

1st Sh Ch Owlspoint Trouble at Mill ShCM ShCex VW BWNL’18

2nd FT Ch Bonario Fagiana


Minor Puppy Dog

1st Bushwacker Don Juan

2nd Bushwacker Dirty Harry

3rd Bushwacker Donnie Darko


Puppy Dog

1st Amestorah Razzle Dazzle

2nd Braccorions All or Nothing


Junior Dog

1st Owlspoint Loads of Trouble at Heberhouse JW

2nd Owlspoint Askin For Trouble


Post Graduate Dog

1st Jakobstown One Fine Day

2nd Gunsyn Hotrod at Rydondmist JW

3rd Braccorions You Can Conquer

Res Owlspoint Loads of Trouble at Heberhouse JW

VHC Owlspoint Askin For Trouble


Limit Dog

1st Gunsyn Ginspiration

2nd Canemamans Primo Al Fine JW

3rd Whitgun Renegade Master at Owlspooint JW

Res Titano Della Casa Di Lombardo

VHC Braccorions Xclusively For Peccorino




Open Dog 

1st Solwaypoint Portofino

2nd Sh Ch Braccorions Running Rings Round Piccorino

3rd Jack Di Montericco (imp Ita)

Res Sh Ch Lexus Z Pogonsiego Wzforza By Gunsyn

VHC Owlspoint Trouble Again JW


Minor Puppy Bitch – no entries


Puppy Bitch

1st Solwaypoint Sunset

2nd Amestorah All That Jazz with Bushwacker

3rd Inspirations Lorenza Primavera At Rydonmist (Imp Swe)


Junior Bitch

1st Paris Mon Tresore D’Amoure


Post Graduate Bitch

1st You Can Crown The Queen (Imp Hun)

2nd Whitgun Whythm of The Knight

3rd Braccorion’s Xoxo at Callaiscroft

Res Valcour Killer Queen

VHC Withamfriary Veni Vedi Veci


Limit Bitch 

1st Whitgun u Can’t Touch This at Wal Wal JW

2nd Gunsyn Ginerosity At Chevinvista

3rd Withamfriary Lush Blossom At Heberhouse

Res Braccorions You Win Again at Brevathos

VHC Elfrindew Kinky Reggae


Open Bitch 

1st Owlspoint Faith in Trouble ShCM

2nd Sh Ch Braccorions Va Va Voom

3rd Gunsyn Little Lies


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